Cranesville Crushed Concrete


Cranesville Block offers crushed concrete aggregate at discount prices.  Sold by the ton or cubic yard, crushed concrete is a cost effective substitute for structural fills and can be used for road base, sub base or fill.  The green construction process involves the crushing of recycled concrete to a material up to 3" in size.  Cranesville Crushed Concrete can be utilized in construction projects by both homeowners and large commercial outfits.


Crushed Concrete is Less Expensive

Cost is always important when budgeting for a construction project.  In comparison to other structural fills, crushed concrete is found to be more affordable and still rich in quality.  To keep consumer costs down, Cranesville uses low transportation, processing and loading expenses.


Sub base, road base, pathways, driveways, walkways, roadways & parking lots.

Crushed Concrete is Quality

Although Cranesville Crushed Concrete is a recycled product it actually maintains the same excellent durability and quality that ready mixed concrete possesses.  Because of the cementitious nature of the material, crushed concrete embodies a superior compaction characteristic unrivaled in the materials world.  The material also is eco-friendly, adding increased benefits to creating a healthier environment. 



Crushed concrete is available at the ready mixed plants designated below.  To receive pricing on Cranesville Crushed Concrete, please fill out the form.

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